2 Positions of Sleep Soundly Despite Having Scoliosis

Having crooked back problems due to scoliosis certainly makes you uncomfortable while on the move, even when sleeping. Because the position of the backbone that curves to the right or left causes one hip or shoulder to be higher than the other. So, is there a safe sleeping position to deal with scoliosis? Here’s the explanation.

Is scoliosis caused by the wrong sleeping position?

Scoliosis is a bone problem that can be suffered by small children and adults. However, scoliosis is usually only known when someone is growing up.

Scoliosis can be influenced by several factors, ranging from congenital abnormalities, nerve conditions, or unknown causes. Some say that scoliosis is also caused by a wrong sleeping position. Is that true?

According to experts from Texas Scottish Lite Hospital, the wrong sleeping position does not cause back problems such as scoliosis. What happened is just the opposite. Abnormal curvature of the spine due to scoliosis makes the sufferer uncomfortable during sleep.

The best sleeping position to deal with scoliosis

Reporting from Livestrong , finding the right sleeping position can help relieve pain from scoliosis. Well, here are the sleep position options that you can try tonight to deal with scoliosis, including:

1. Sleep on your side

Curvature in the upper back is one of the most common types of scoliosis. This condition causes your spine to tend to curve to the right. To reduce pressure in this area, try sleeping sideways or tilted. This sleeping position is actually the same as someone who has a normal spine.

The difference is, in addition to the main pillow, you should put a thin pillow or small towel rolled under the upper back. This aims to reduce pressure on the back which can worsen back pain due to scoliosis.

Also, use one other pillow and pin it between two legs while sleeping. This method works to open the spinal canal and help deal with the scoliosis you experience.

You may be confused when deciding whether to sleep on the right or left side. Again, this depends on the scoliosis you experience. If the biggest curve is on the right side of the body, then go to sleep to the left. Vice versa.

2. Sleep on your back

In addition to the upper spine, scoliosis in the lower spine is also quite common in the community. For those of you who have this type of scoliosis, try sleeping on your back. Just like before, you also need help with a small towel. The trick, roll the towel and place it right on your lower back.

In addition, also place a small pillow or other towel roll on the neck. This aims to keep the spine in a straight position and prevent back pain .

Consult your doctor before trying

It’s good, consult your doctor before you try these two sleeping positions. Because, there are several types of scoliosis that not only affect the spine, but also interfere with the nerves around it.

As a first step, your doctor will first look at the condition of blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid in your spine. If everything is normal, a new doctor will suggest the right sleeping position for you to deal with scoliosis. Including two sleep positions earlier.

No less important, choose a comfortable sleeping position so that your sleep this time will be better.


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