4 Best Healthy Snack To Compliment Your Yoga Practice

4 Best Healthy Snack To Compliment Your Yoga Practice – Yoga is one of the most popular sports thanks to a variety of good benefits. In addition to helping to maintain fitness and regulate breathing, yoga is believed to also be able to arouse moods making the body happier and stress-free. Now, to make yoga more exciting, try a variety of healthy snacks to accompany your yoga practice session, let’s!

Healthy snacks to accompany yoga exercise

So that the benefits of yoga feel more optimal, pay attention to your choice of snacks to accompany yoga. Do not let you even snacking unhealthy like donuts that are high in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates or fried foods.

Not to be confused, here are a selection of yoga companion snacks that you can try starting today:

1. Sandwich

Many people are happy to start the morning with yoga. Well, try to keep breakfast before starting to exercise to equip the body with some energy.

A sandwich or vegetable sandwich can be a healthy snack choice to start yoga because it is rich in carbohydrate content. Launch of the Mayo Clinic, consuming carbohydrate sources before exercising can help increase the intensity of exercise.

As a result, the body stores more energy so that the duration of your yoga practice can be longer. So that the nutritional intake is more diverse, it is OK to add other sources of protein and fiber to the sandwich bowl. For example, boiled eggs or soybeans, to lettuce or tomato leaves.

2. Soybean snacks

In addition to carbohydrates, protein sources are no less important as snacking friends during or after yoga practice sessions. Soybean snacks, for example. Its high protein content makes it a good soy snack to be used as a healthy snack during yoga exercise.

Because the British Nutrition Foundation revealed that protein plays an important role to support growth, repair, as well as maintenance of cells, tissues, and muscles of the body. Especially after undergoing enough energy-draining exercise, protein intake can be regarded as a “key” to restore the body’s work.

The carbohydrate content in soybeans is fairly high. There are about 30.1 grams of carbohydrate in every 100 grams of soybeans. Interestingly, if soy snacks are eaten with other carbohydrate food sources, they can provide better benefits.

The combination of these two macronutrients can help replace the body’s glycogen deposits which have been widely used during yoga sessions.

3. Yogurt

Other healthy snack options that you can try to add excitement to yoga, namely yogurt. Yes, the carbohydrate and protein content in yogurt makes it good to eat as an opening before, or after the yoga practice.

However, note that there isn’t just one type of yogurt, but there are variations that you can adjust to your taste needs. To be more delicious and rich in various nutrients, you can add pieces of fruit to one serving of yogurt.

4. Vegetable or fruit smoothies

Want to fill your stomach but don’t have much time? A glass of smoothies can be one of the right snack choices for yoga. Smoothies are usually made from one or various types of vegetables and fruits. That’s why in addition to refreshing, this drink will also contribute many fibers to the body.

Nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals also do not escape the content of vegetable or fruit smoothies. All of these nutrients will help provide enough energy to move while meeting your daily nutritional needs.

You can consume the above snacks 1-3 hours before yoga practice begins. You should still choose snacks in the right portion because if the portion is too large it will hinder your exercise process, you are stuffed and become slow to move.

Conversely, if the portion is too small, it will not provide enough energy when yoga. Therefore, it is important to eat the best snacks with the right portion.

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