5 Best Lifestyle Changes During Hepatitis C

By | October 30, 2018

Hepatitis C is the most severe type of liver infection compared to other types of hepatitis. This condition will usually not cause symptoms until the infection is in the chronic stage. You really need doctor care so that your body’s health is maintained. In addition to getting doctor’s care, people with hepatitis C also need to apply a series of healthy living habits to manage their disease.

A healthy lifestyle that needs to be applied to people with hepatitis C

Here are various healthy living habits that you need to apply in everyday life when diagnosed as having hepatitis C:

1. Enough rest
One side effect of hepatitis C treatment is fatigue. Therefore, you are encouraged to reduce activities and take more time to rest. Rest every time you feel tired and do not force yourself to continue to move.

If it continues to be forced, the body will actually be burdened so that the immune system decreases. As a result, you will be easily exhausted and difficult to do various productive activities every day.

2. Start eating healthy food
No longer eat unhealthy foods that can worsen your health condition. Try to apply a balanced nutritious diet by consuming a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. In addition, do not forget to complete it with vitamin and mineral intake from fresh vegetables and fruits.

You can also add the BRAT diet to your diet. BRAT stands for Banana (banana), Rice (rice), Applesauce (applesauce, which is an apple that is mashed but not juice), Toast (toast).

Avoid eating foods high in salt and animal protein because it can damage the liver. Especially if you have been affected by cirrhosis or liver damage. Your liver or liver is no longer able to work optimally to filter out the many excess urea produced from these two types of food.

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Urea levels that accumulate too much in the body will cause chronic fatigue, to coma and even death.

3. Avoid eating spicy foods
People with hepatitis C usually have more sensitive digestion. Therefore, eating foods that are too spicy can trigger nausea, vomiting, and also diarrhea. Therefore, try to avoid eating this type of food during treatment.

4. Exercise regularly
Not only in healthy people, but exercise will also be very beneficial for sick people, including if you have hepatitis C. Maintaining a healthy body weight by exercising regularly helps you avoid complications of liver diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

In addition, exercise has also been shown to improve mood and reduce stress due to continuing to think about chronic diseases that are being possessed.

No need to do strenuous exercise for a long time, you only need to walk leisurely for 30 minutes a day to keep the body healthy and fit despite having hepatitis C.

5. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages
Alcohol can make your heart condition more quickly damaged, especially in people with hepatitis C. Alcohol can cause inflammation and fatty liver.

Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with hepatitis C you should stop drinking alcohol. The reason is, drinking alcohol when you have hepatitis C will only worsen the condition of your heart that has been damaged by chronic infection.

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