5 Health Care Tips for Children During Monsoon

5 Health Care Tips for Children During Monsoon – Every parent would want your child to continue to feel healthy during the rainy season. Especially during this rainy season, there are many diseases that appear like the flu, diarrhea, dengue fever to skin diseases.

To avoid diseases that can land on your baby’s body, Mama needs to take extra protection.

If the condition of mama’s child is healthy, she will undergo daily routines with enthusiasm and of course productive.

1. Implement a healthy lifestyle

Implement a healthy lifestyle implementing a healthy lifestyle for your little one is certainly a must especially in the rainy season like this. As a parent, Mama can model healthy lifestyles to herself like regular exercise. The little one who exercises regularly can make his body stay fit and not easily look listless.

Feeling happy after exercising can be felt especially when this activity is carried out routinely. You also need to realize that every time you exercise, your little body will be stimulated by certain substances in the brain. This is what can make his brain feel happier and relaxed.

Besides exercising, getting enough sleep at night can help the body’s immunity. During sleep, the body will excrete cytokines which are included in important parts of the immune system.

If these cytokine compounds are not possessed sufficiently, the baby’s body will be susceptible to all viral diseases. Try to always have enough sleep every day.

2. Maintain cleanliness around the house

Various diseases can arise when the rainy season arrives. Mosquitoes are a source of disease because they carry the dengue virus which can cause dengue fever. Be aware that mosquitoes are usually more active at night.

To overcome the source of this disease, Mama can try to cover the water containers around the house. Make sure there is no water container that does not flow.

Try there is no place that can invite dengue-carrying mosquitoes. Mama can also apply an anti-mosquito lotion which is certainly safe for children. This is intended so that the Little avoid mosquito bites while sleeping.

3. Keep hands clean

Washing hands is one of the basic protections that you can teach your child. This habit must be routinely carried out so that there are no germs or bacteria lodged in the hands.

Although he had to make sure the little one’s hands are always clean, it does not mean he should not play outside the house. Let him keep on the move and explore many things. Mama just needs to make sure everything is okay.

Encourage children to always wash their hands like playing outside the house, handling pets, before eating and also sleeping. Washing your hands may sound trivial, but this can help your little body avoid various germs.

4. Provide proper nutrition

When the rainy season, the intake of nutrients consumed by the child must be right. If the nutrition of food is sufficient and can strengthen the immune system of the child, so it can help the body’s immune system so as not to be affected by various diseases.

Vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals can protect children from various diseases.

5. Build up the body’s resistance by giving your children multivitamin supplements

Mama would already know that a multivitamin can balance the needs of the little body. Multivitamins can effectively help maintain body condition during the rainy season like now.

Taking a multivitamin regularly in a balanced dose can help the immune system. YOUVIT releases a new variant for children. This product is available in three flavors, strawberry, orange, and pineapple.

For children’s variants, their shape and cuteness are also adjusted to three adorable monsters. There are pink, red and blue variants named Velma, Toni, and Oliver.

Velma is a carefree monster and cares deeply about her friends. Toni is the most innocent, but a kind-hearted monster. Whereas Oliver has a lead character and is also intelligent.

This multivitamin is suitable for ages 3-12 years. Because YOUVIT has a balanced dose. Consumption of one gummy per day is recommended every morning, after breakfast.

Some of the tips above are expected to be useful for the Little One in maintaining his health during the rainy season.

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