5 Tips for Maintaining Health of Your Feet

naturalhealthy.xyz – Without us knowing, our feet are also the busiest part of the body and always move every day. Both when walking, running, to do sports, the feet play an important role as body support for various activities. Unfortunately, we often escape to maintaining health. Decreased foot health will also have an impact on your effectiveness during activities.

Tips for maintaining healthy feet

As you get older, your strength and health will decrease, including your legs. Aching legs and rheumatic pain are problems that often occur after carrying out quite strenuous activities such as walking long distances. In order not to cause serious problems, here are tips to keep it healthy.

1. Maintain foot hygiene

A healthy foot must start from a clean foot. Maintaining cleanliness, especially on the soles of the feet is also very important, including cleaning dirt between the nails and between fingers. Cleaning feet also prevents us from skin health problems such as calluses and fish eyes.

Trim nails regularly. Clean your nails too using a small brush with soap. This is done so that the nails avoid infection. Remember also to clean the nail clipper regularly using alcohol so that it is free from debris.

Wash feet with soap, rub gently until between fingers. You can use pumice and rub on the bottom of the foot to scrape off dead skin. However, it is not recommended to rub the feet too hard so the skin does not blister. Rinse with warm water and dry with a towel. Don’t soak for too long because it will make your skin dry

2. Use a moisturizer on the feet

Applying moisturizer also needs to be done to maintain healthy skin. As we age, our skin also experiences aging and is susceptible to problems such as dry skin and calluses.

Use a moisturizer after you take a shower or clean your feet sufficiently. You can use lotion, cream, or petroleum jelly. However, do not apply on the sidelines of the fingers because it will make it moister and can cause fungal infections.

3. Actively moving and exercising

Maintaining foot health is certainly not far from doing sports. But when you just start exercising after a long time, not infrequently the legs will experience muscle cramps. To avoid this risk, do stretching movements. Actively moving your legs can also help you to train and overcome stiff muscles.

No need to do strenuous exercise, you can also do brisk walking for 30 minutes three times a week. Exercising your legs in a sitting position can still be done. Try moving your feet by spinning in a circle for a few minutes, then lift and lower alternately for a few seconds. Avoid standing too long.

4. Use the right shoes

Shoes worn every day can also affect the health of your feet. Make sure the size of the shoes you wear fits and feels comfortable in the foot.

For everyday use, choose shoes with a wide shape so that it can make room for the toes. It’s best to avoid wearing shoes with pointed edges so often that they don’t stiffen your fingers. If you want to wear high heels, choose shoes with thick heels to maintain balance and avoid injury.

It’s better if you change your shoes every two days, especially if you are active in your daily activities. Dry your shoes in the sun so that they don’t get damp and cause an unpleasant odor. Wear different socks every day.

5. Maintain foot health with bodyweight

This is because the heavier our body weight will affect the feet to work harder at each step. Excessive weight can cause problems for the health of the feet, such as inflammation in the joints and exacerbate the pain that arises.

Being overweight can also endanger your foot’s health by putting you at a higher risk for diabetes and poor blood circulation, which can cause pain and even numbness in the legs.

To overcome this, maintaining weight by following a healthy diet will greatly help to ease the workload on the feet.

If you have painful leg wounds, you can take paracetamol to reduce pain while resting your feet. When redness, swelling, or discoloration does not disappear for several days, you should immediately contact a doctor to get the right treatment and medication.

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