8 Tips On How To Live Healthy And Happy

If we talk about a healthy way of living then we are aware or not we are talking about something very precious in life. Health is the most important thing that we must keep. Outside there are many people willing to spend millions, hundreds and even billions of dollars just want to feel the name of a healthy life.

Various ways to do starting with medical treatment or non-medical. Even sometimes the way is done outside of logic. Though healthy life is easy and can be done by anyone no need to use such a way.

How To Live Healthy And Happy

1. Nutritious food

The first thing to keep in mind to stay healthy is to consume foods that are good for the body and full of nutrients. As the saying goes “we are what we eat”, “we are what we eat”. Our bodies need a nutritional intake to maintain and run metabolism, support bodybuilding as well as maintains the immune system.

In meeting the nutritional needs of the body, it is recommended to consume fruits as much as 1/2 kg per day. Fruits are recommended for consumption because there are many micronutrients, anti-oxide elements and do not need to be processed before the consumption. In addition, the fruit also has many fibers, and this fiber will be able to keep our digestive system better.

2. Drink enough water

The second natural healthy way of life is to consume enough water. Should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Water is needed by the body, the adult body contains 60-70% water. More great water composition in newborn infants body consists of 90% water. Water plays an important role in the entire system of our body. Not only the vascular system, but the water also goes into our cells.

If the cell lacks water, it will contract and fail to perform its function. Water in the blood will make the blood flow smooth and flow well.

In the blood, there are many nutrients, oxygen and waste substances that must be removed from the metabolism and catabolism in the body. If the lack of water then the blood will thicken and blood flow becomes abnormal.

If it is like this then the cells will be deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients so that the cell will experience interference in its function. If the cells are like this then the body will be susceptible to disease. Then do this natural healthy way of life because it is very easy and cheap to do.

3. Basking Under the Sun Light

Did you know that our bodies also need sunlight as well as plants? If plants do not get sunlight then he will wither, as well as with our bodies. Our body needs sunlight about 30 minutes per day, especially at seven o’clock and before nine o’clock in the morning.

4. Make Life More Rhythmic

The way to live healthy and happy is to make our life more rhythmic. This answer is determined by two important hormones namely the hormone selatonin and belatonin hormones.

The hormone of selatonin starts to appear and react in our body during the morning hours until eleven o’clock. Get up at five in the morning and go to bed at eleven o’clock. The hormone of selatonin will activate our body into gelatin to move and work.

Now go to bed at 11 pm because the hormone belatonin will cleanse and repair the body cells that are available and all day. The hormone belatonin will repair the cells and treat our tired cells and prepare to return to work tomorrow.

Therefore make the rhythm of life becomes more free. Our immune system and system become orderly. The rest of life will be much healthier and happier.

5. Regular exercise

Our body consists of flexible body muscles like rubber that must be flexed and moved. Below our muscles are stored many blood vessels. As our muscles move, we will work to pump the blood beneath.

The more we move the more active the pump system is by the muscle to pump blood from the instrument to the heart. And resulted in our blood flow to be smooth. Perform movements such as exercise and other regular physical activity at least 30 minutes per day.

6. Mind Management

Appropriate and orderly mind management can have a good impact on the health and happiness of life. There is two ways of mind management: a positive and optimistic attitude.

That thought if analogous, like a room consisting of various elements. If the element in the room is not well laid out it will disrupt the stability in the room. Therefore with a positive and optimistic thinking will help manage the mind better.

7. Relationship

Establishing good relationships with everyone is believed to make life healthier and even make life much longer. With the relationship and good relationship, life will be more peaceful and will cause a positive attitude and mental to run life.

8. Approaching self with god

Everyone has their own beliefs. But we all believe that the name of birth and death is the power of God. Therefore ask the god, make the relationship as close as possible to the god. With so life will be more calm, peaceful and peaceful and life will be better and more focused.

If the healthy way above you apply to your daily life. So guaranteed your health will be awake and always smile every day.

Thus the 8 Tips on Healthy and Happy Living Tips that I can deliver on this occasion.

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