8 Ways To Avoid Food Poisoning

8 Ways To Avoid Food Poisoning – Food contaminated by bacteria can cause poisoning which is certainly a bad impact on health. Many factors cause this condition, such as kitchen cleanliness and food security that is not maintained. Therefore, so that you do not experience this, there are several ways you can do to prevent food poisoning.

How to prevent food poisoning

Food poisoning can cause adverse health effects, most commonly, diarrhea and vomiting. This problem is susceptible to occur in children and adults whose immune systems are weak so that consuming a small amount of contaminated food can be fatal. As reported by the CDC, here are some ways to prevent food poisoning.

1. Wash your hands

Washing hands is one of the most important habits and the simplest way to prevent food poisoning. Hands are the most vulnerable body parts exposed to germs because all day you will be active with hands touching various items.

Therefore, washing hands is very important before and after eating. Wash your hands with soap and running water for 20 seconds to make sure your hands are completely clean.

2. Clean the kitchen table

After preparing food, especially raw meat and eggs, try to always clean the kitchen table. It aims to eliminate bacteria on foodstuffs that stick to the kitchen table.

This method can prevent you from getting food poisoning. Clean your kitchen table with warm water and a clean cloth.

3. Use a different cutting board

Try to separate the cutting board for raw meat from vegetables or other prepared foods. This is an effective way to prevent food poisoning due to bacterial contamination of raw foods in cooked foods.

In addition, maintaining the cleanliness of dishwashing sponges is also highly recommended, given the sponge’s task is to wipe off bacteria in cooking utensils and dirty food. Try changing the sponge once a week or soaking it in disinfecting water to kill bacteria.

4. Keep raw food items separate

In addition to using a different cutting board, you also need to separate raw food from other ready-to-eat foods as an effort to prevent food poisoning.

Here it is some tips for storing raw food ingredients, such as raw meat and eggs.

  • Store raw meat and chicken in a clean, closed container.
  • Place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
  • Observe storage instructions and do not cook expired raw foods

5. Cook until it reaches the correct temperature

When you cook, make sure your food is cooked, especially when cooking meat, chicken or sausages. Look at the color of the meat you’re cooking, if it’s no longer pink, it means your food is cooked.

6. Maintain the temperature of the refrigerator


Not only does it ensure that foodstuffs do not contain bacteria, but you can also prevent food poisoning by maintaining the refrigerator temperature. If the refrigerator temperature is not regulated correctly, bacteria can multiply quickly. Try to set the temperature of your refrigerator below 5 ° C. It is better not to fill the refrigerator too full so that the air circulation in the refrigerator is still good and does not affect the temperature of the refrigerator.

7. See the expiration period

Before you cook or eat any food, make sure you double-check the expiration date. Expired food is one of the causes of food poisoning. That is why a way to prevent food poisoning is to check the date. Even though the appearance and aroma do not change and look normal, avoid eating food that has expired.

8. Avoiding certain types of food

Certain types of food can cause food poisoning, especially for those who are vulnerable such as pregnant women and the elderly.

The best way to prevent food poisoning is, of course, to avoid eating these foods, including:

  • Raw and undercooked food.
  • Raw and undercooked beans.
  • Raw and unpasteurized milk and juice.

The main way to prevent food poisoning is to maintain cleanliness. Whether it’s the cleanliness of food, kitchen, and yourself. That way, you can avoid food poisoning.

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