Easy Ways to Learn to Swim for You Who Are Beginners

By | October 8, 2019

Easy Ways to Learn to Swim for You Who Are Beginners – Swimming provides many benefits, ranging from strengthening muscles, maintaining weight, to preventing heart disease. However, swimming also has its difficulties compared to other types of sports. For those of you who are beginners, there are several ways you can make learning to swim easier.

How to learn to swim for beginners

Swimming is a sport with a long time of adaptation because the human body has become accustomed to activities on land and rarely moves in the water. In addition, swimming also involves all body muscles so that people who are not accustomed to will get tired easily.

Here are some ways you can easily learn to swim:

1. Prepare the equipment needed

There are various kinds of swimming equipment with their respective uses. For example, swimming goggles make the eyes remain clear and protect the eyes. While the nose and earplugs protect both parts of the body from water getting in.

You can also use a buoy board to support your body when you focus on exercising your leg movements. Choose equipment that suits your needs to make it easier for you to learn to swim.

2. Getting used to being in the water

Before learning to swim, do it this way to make yourself comfortable in the water. Try walking from the edge to the deeper part of the pool. This aims to make you familiar with the buoyancy of water.

Once accustomed, return to the edge of the pool. While holding the edge of the pool, leave your face in the water and exhale until bubbles form. Continue to practice doing this until you feel comfortable in the water.

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3. Learning to float

You can float thanks to the buoyancy of the water, but you might have to get used to it first. The trick, hold on to the edge of the pool. Take a deep breath and lift both legs so that you are flat on your back.

This is the most basic way to master when learning to swim. You might have trouble at first, but keep trying until you can float for 15-30 seconds. Then, try to float without holding on.

4. Move forward

After floating, it’s time to learn to move forward. As a start, you can use tools such as a float board. Hold the board in front of you with your arms straight, then push your body by using the edge of the pool.

Try kicking with both of your legs alternately. Turn your head left and right to take a breath. Perform this step until you get used to it, then try again without tools.

5. Learn basic swimming styles

After mastering how to learn to swim, you can learn some basic swimming styles. Recommended swimming styles for beginners are breaststroke, butterfly style, backstroke, and freestyle. All have advantages and disadvantages.

Butterfly and freestyle can make you progress quickly, but you will feel tired quickly. In contrast, breaststroke and backstroke are relatively easy because you don’t have to bother breathing, but both are slower.

There are many ways to learn to swim, but the key is learning to float and move forward. Do not worry if you have not succeeded, because some people do need more time to be able to swim well.

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While learning to swim, make sure your safety is guaranteed. Learn with the help of an instructor or with a friend who is adept at swimming. Never learn to swim alone, especially if you are still a complete beginner.

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