How to Lose Weight with Exercises

How to Lose Weight with Exercises – One way that is often mentioned can help you lose weight is regular exercise. There are many kinds of activities, so people can determine which sport is most appropriate for him. But, is it true that regular exercise can accelerate the process of weight loss?

Regular exercise, can it accelerate weight loss?

Losing weight might be a ‘heavy work’. In addition to the commitment required, you also need to be consistent and disciplined when running it.

Unfortunately, losing weight is not effective by reducing daily calorie intake . You also have to get used to regular exercise.

Why? This is because if you lose weight by reducing the number of calories without exercise, you might not only lose fat, but also muscle mass.

A study published in the journal Obesity Reviews states that a quarter of the mass lost when you reduce your daily calorie intake is muscle mass. Muscle is more active in the metabolic process than fat. If the muscle mass is reduced a lot, the metabolic process becomes slower so that it inhibits weight loss.

Therefore, when you lose weight, you must also exercise to reduce the amount of muscle mass lost so that the metabolic process is not hampered and the number of calories burned will be more. However, does this exercise have to be done routinely?

Regular exercise can indeed form habits for physical activity, and it is very good for helping to lose weight. However, this does not guarantee that regular exercise at the same time is more effective in losing weight than exercise at different times each day.

However, doing sports at the same time every day can increase the amount of time you exercise. Thus, your ability to do daily physical activity increases. This has the potential to help you to maintain weight so that it is not easy to rise again.

4 exercises that can be done routinely to help you lose weight

If you want to lose weight, several types of exercise can be done routinely. Check out the explanation below.

1. Walk

Besides being good for weight loss , this exercise is also very easy to do. You don’t need special equipment or clothes for walking. You can also do it wherever and whenever.

You can target yourself to walk for 30 minutes every day. The more you do it, the more you will get used to it. If it has become a habit, you can increase the length of walking time so that more calories are wasted.

2. Jogging

Not only jogging , but running can also be a routine exercise if you want to lose weight. This sport is also very easy and does not require special equipment. You can run anywhere and anytime. If you are not accustomed to running in an open space, you can also run on a treadmill .

In addition, you can also do it regularly. To begin with, you can try jogging or running for 20-30 minutes. If you do it regularly, the length of time you do it will also increase because you are used to it.

3. Yoga


Although yoga is usually done together, this exercise can also be done alone. Especially now that many videos on the internet can teach yoga online, so you don’t need to worry if you have to do it without an instructor.

Besides being able to help you lose weight , this exercise is also good for your mental health, so you can better control yourself and your passions. For example, the lust to eat less healthy foods or overeating. It is also good to help you adjust your diet when dieting.

4. Swim

This one sport is a fun alternative to losing weight. Moreover, if you have a private pool, so you can do it every day. In addition, this sport is also the right choice for those of you who have injuries or problems in joints.

According to an article published in Harvard Health , people weighing 70 kilograms can burn 298 calories if they do backstroke for 30 minutes, 372 calories breaststroke for 30 minutes, and 409 calories if doing butterfly style at the same time.

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