How to Manage the Risks of Running – While many people choose running as a kind of exercises due to its health benefits, few are aware of the potential risks that a runner has to face. Anything has its pros and cons. Therefore, if you like running, take a look at this.

Running decreases certain hormones.

Running has been proven to decrease certain hormones, including testosterone. Testosterone has a huge impact on the men’s sexual performance. Low level of testosterone also slows down the muscle recovery time and the overall energy level of the body. By running, you may have accidentally caused imbalanced hormone levels, which can affect almost all organs in your body.

Several short sessions of light running every week can do wonder to our health, but more than that will likely cause adverse effects. Everyone is different. So, it is not easy to determine how much running is too much for someone. It is important that you recognize your own limit and do not push yourself too hard. On the other hand, right nutrition and supplements will help you to balance the body.

Running weakens the immune system.

A study conducted by Dr. Zen P. Lin, Mingdao University, Taiwan, has associated running with weakening the immune system. While a short run gives our immune system a boost, long runs could interfere with several functions of our immune system. According to this study, those who run for more than 3 hours per week have a higher risk of getting contagious diseases and infections. Professional runners are not affected because they have specially designed workout routines and diets to fit their needs, which not many of us can afford.

Bad running postures put you in danger.

One or two times running with the wrong technique will not crush you down immediately. But that is what makes it dangerous. Because you do not feel it right away, you may not know something is wrong with until it is too late. Running the wrong way may place too much pressure on your blood vessels and joints, thus causing severe injuries.

Most runners experience knee pain which occurs when the cartilage in the knees are hurt. If not treated properly, the cartilage will wear down and weaken the joints. The results are chronic pain and lasting damage. In case you experiences any unusual pain, you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Running itself is not dangerous or unhealthy. Just like any other exercises, running will give people some health benefits. The important thing is to know the right amount of running one need so that they do not push too far and end up hurting their health. There has not been sufficient information to formulate an optimal dose of running for best health effects. So, make sure you know the side effects that come with running.

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