How to Motivate Kid to Be Active -Being physically active is a challenge to children in this technology age. These days, children spend more and more time on sedentary activities such as watching TV, playing games, using Ipad, surfing the Internet. Moreover, doing a lot of studying is a reason leads to lack of physical activity. As a parent, we must encourage our children to be active.

Why do children need to be active?

When your child is active, their bodies will always healthy and be able to carry out normal tasks. Some benefits below.

  • Have strong muscles and bones
  • Control good weight
  • Avoid risk of type 2 of diabetes
  • Have deep sleep
  • Have the best outlook.

Taking more physical activities also likely to be academically motivated. It builds self-esteem at every age. They can meet a lot of gains when regular doing exercise, but you can motivated kids by some ways like.

  • Choose the suitable activities for your child about the age, character, like.
  • Create many opportunities for your kid to be active.
  • Always make activities’ s time be fun.

How to classify age-appropriate activities?
We can classify into three main types:


Children who belong to this group need active play several times per day. They should be trained the important motor skills like kicking, throwing the ball, playing tag, hopping on the foot or riding a trike or running obstacle courses, etc. Almost preschoolers can’t understand complex rules, keep the attention span, skills, and coordination needed in playing the sport. So instead of letting them study how to play, you should let them develop fundamental skills.


Children from 6 years old to 12 years old belong to this group. They need an hour of active play and exercise every day. Because they begin conceiving about what they do, it’s a challenge for the parents to find physical activities that they enjoy and feel interested in doing. Some activities they can consult to choose for your kids such as baseball, basketball, do the martial art, biking, etc.


That’s same with the younger kid, teens need an hour for exercise and playing each day. They have more choice from school sport to after- school. Many active teens love yoga or skateboarding. But you must remember that physical activities should be planned properly to achieve the best goal.

It is important to create the most comfortable environment for your teen. You can provide transportation or the necessary gear and equipment for them. In some activities, the accordant clothes and shoes will help them feel confident when biking, swimming or going to the gym.

Whatever child’s fitness personality, every kid can be physically fit. The parent should keep the positive attitude to help the child. If you build this habit early, they will come to regard the activity as a part of their everyday routine.

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