Importance to Practicing Child’s Imagination for Brain Development

Importance to Practicing Child’s Imagination for Brain Development – Children and imagination are two things that can not be separated. Did you know that exercising a child’s imagination seems to have benefits for the development of his brain? Check out the full narrative below.

get a glimpse of the child’s imagination

Often see your child absorbed in his toys? That is, the child’s imagination is playing there.

Children’s imagination is generally very unlimited compared to adults. Over time, imagination will be closely related to the ability to speak and become a tool for children to learn to understand the circumstances and existence in the environment.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents more often play roles with children to hone their imagination and creativity. To do this, parents certainly need support.

What is the importance of imagination and how is it practiced? For that, here are some things you need to understand about children’s imagination:

What are the benefits of training a child’s imagination?

Children’s imagination is related to children’s growth and development. According to Dr. Herbowo Soetomenggolo, a child neurologist, is influenced by two things, external and internal.

External aspects include nutrition, disease, environment, and stimulation or stimulation. Well, practicing imagination or imagination is one form of stimulation.

Some types of stimulation include storytelling and drawing.

“When storytelling, the brain works actively and the child not only hears but creates imagination. The brain activity of storytellers and listeners alike. Children will feel and imagine what is told, “explained Dr. Herbowo when met in the Senayan area, South Jakarta (13/11).

Storytelling is closely related to fantasy and brain performance. Not only that, train the imagination or imagination is also important for children with dyslexia because it can hone the brain’s ability even better.

Practicing imagination can make children learn to solve problems or problem solving .

“When listening to stories, he will solve problems. After this will be like this, then like that. Learning problem solving is also related to children’s intelligence, “he added.

What age do children have to be trained in their imagination?

Childhood is a period in which the imagination is developing very rapidly. This is a good sign because imagination is related to brain performance. However, what age should the child’s imagination begin to be trained?

Dr. Herbowo explained that there is no age limit to training a child’s imagination. Since your baby has been able to train the imagination of children.

“From newborn to kindergarten age, their imagination can be trained by storytelling or storytelling,” he explained.

How to train imagination in children?

1. Storytelling

This is one fairly easy way to train your child’s imagination. Herbowo said that when children listen to stories, children’s brains work very well.

Not only that, storytelling is also related to children’s reading and speaking abilities. “The child’s speech and language abilities are closely related to IQ,” he explained.

2. Drawing

according from Parenting , drawing can train the imagination of children and fine motor skills by holding crayons or colored pencils. To add to the child’s imagination, you can ask him to draw the sun but not use yellow. This will add to your child’s imagination and let him be creative.

3. Screen play

Screen play is also a way to hone imagination even with various notes. Doctor Herbowo explained that screen play can be used as a place to practice imagination when children participate in imagining what is on the screen.

“But in practice it might not be effective because children are more busy playing with their gadgets than imagining their imagination,” explained Dr. Herbowo.

If you want to use the gadget as a tool to hone the imagination, make sure you accompany when children watch videos. In addition, you can also ask the child about the video he watched so there is a two-way interaction.

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