In a week, how many times do you need the Cardio and Strength Training?

Sport is a body’s need that cannot be replaced with anything. Every healthy person is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. However, how to do it certainly cannot be careless so that you can reap the benefits as much as possible. A good exercise routine ideally consists of cardio and strength training (muscle and bone strength training ). So, how do you set it up? How many times do you have cardio and strength training in a week?

Cardio exercise and strength training differ in benefits

Cardio exercise is a sport whose movements are carried out repeatedly over a period of time. Examples are jump rope, walking, jogging, and cycling. Usually, physical activity is said to be cardio if done for at least 10 minutes.

Cardio exercise is good for improving and maintaining heart and lung fitness. The heart and lungs are made up of muscles that must continue to move to make them stronger. When the heart and lung muscles are as strong, the blood vessels can drain more and more oxygenated blood into the muscle cells.

This makes muscle cells burn more fat during exercise until even when you have finished exercising afterward. The more intense cardio you routinely do, the greater the calories burned. Cardio routine can also help reduce the risk of heart attack, prevent high cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and prevent diabetes and cancer.

While strength training is a type of sport whose main goal is to build, enlarge, and strengthen body muscles. Having strong muscles will reduce your risk of injury and fall, both during sports and during normal activities.

Strength training is also useful for building and maintaining bone strength and increasing metabolism. If your metabolism works faster and more efficiently, then you will burn body fat faster so that it helps you lose weight faster.

Examples of sports including strength training are lifting weights, squats , and sit-ups and push-ups.

Why should it be combined?

Cardio and strength training have different effects but are equally needed by the body. That’s why we are ideally advised to do both to achieve complete fitness benefits.

Continuing to do just one type of exercise means that you only focus on training a particular body part. For example, by running, you will only train and strengthen the leg muscles but not the arms and abdomen. This method is less effective for maintaining fitness.

Just doing cardio every day will make the network that continues to be trained to be stressed. An increase in the stress hormone cortisol can actually cause the body to store more fat in the stomach. Therefore, for those of you who want to eliminate belly fat and lose weight, you should combine cardio with strength training sports such as lifting weights.

Strength training will increase the calories burned from cardio because after you exercise, the muscles will need a lot of energy to improve the fiber. Penn State research reports that adding strength training in a weekly exercise regime you can burn 3 kilograms of fat more than just aerobic exercise (which includes the type of cardio exercise).

A week, how many times do you have cardio and strength training?

We are encouraged to routinely exercise cardio for at least 20-30 minutes for 3-6 days a week. While strength training or muscle strength should be done as much as 2-3 days per week.

Meski begitu, durasi strength training bisa berbeda-beda untuk setiap orang dilihat dari jumlah repetisi per satu setnya (berapa kali pengulangan). Idealnya Anda melakukan minimal sebanyak 1-3 set per hari, dengan per setnya terdiri dari 8-12 repetisi atau pengulangan.

Pada dasarnya, kebutuhan olahraga tiap orang pasti berbeda tergantung dari kemampuan masing-masing tubuh dan tujuan pribadinya. Maka itu berapa kali olahraga tidak bisa disamakan untuk semua orang.

Jika Anda termasuk orang yang baru mulai berolahraga, mulailah dari “paket” yang paling sedikit dulu. Misalnya, kardio pilihan Anda adalah jogging dan strength training pilihan Anda adalah sit-up. Nah, pertama-tama biasakan rutin jogging selama 20 menit untuk 3 hari dalam seminggu dan 1 set sit-up dengan 8 kali repetisi untuk 2 hari per minggu.

When you get used to it, you can add your own duration, frequency, and a number of sets gradually.

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