Not Only Carrots, Here Are 5 Other Food Sources of Vitamin A

By | January 5, 2019

If asked about food sources of vitamin A, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is carrots. Obviously, carrots are believed to be vegetables that can provide good benefits for eye health thanks to the content of vitamin A in them. In fact, it’s not just carrots, you know. There are still various other foods that can meet your body’s vitamin A needs.

Several choices of food sources of vitamin A

Vitamin A is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that are in charge of maintaining the function of vision, the immune system, and other body developments. There are 2 types of vitamin A, which is derived from an animal called retinol and derived from vegetable, known as beta-carotene.

Both are good for the body. If you don’t like carrots too much, or even get bored because you often eat carrots, you certainly can still fulfill your daily needs of vitamin A through foods such as:

1. Spinach

When usually spinach is known as one of the foods rich in iron in it. Even so, don’t underestimate the source of vitamin A contained in these dark green leafy foods. Yes, there are about 2,699 micrograms (mcg) of beta-carotene in 100 grams (gr) of spinach. It’s very high, isn’t it?

2. Papaya

Typical papaya fruit with orange fruit flesh and black seeds scattered in the middle of the fruit, turned out to be a good source of vitamin A. Evidenced by the presence of about 1,038 mcg of beta-carotene in 100 grams of papaya.

3. Paprika

You must be familiar with paprika, one of the chili families with a variety of beautiful colors that are also often used as a complement to cuisine. Not just giving flavor and making the appearance of food more attractive, in 100 grams of paprika also contributes around 157 mcg of beta-carotene.

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4. Beef Liver

Turning to animal sources, beef liver which is often known as one of the innards is rich in retinol as much as 1,201 mcg. Even so, you are not recommended to eat offal every day because there are various side effects that follow afterward. In fact, your risk is getting bigger to experience excess vitamin A.

5. Cheese

If you are a cheese lover, be happy because it turns out that besides being rich in calcium and iron, cheese is also equipped with retinol and beta-carotene as sources of vitamin A. There are around 227 mcg of retinol and 128 mcg of beta-carotene in 100 grams of cheese.

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