Nutritarian diet can make you live healthy

A healthy diet doesn’t just help you achieve your ideal body weight. The diet that you live in a diet should provide health benefits. These advantages are offered by nutritarian diets.

The nutritarian diet was created in 2003 by a doctor named Joel Fuhrman. This diet not only takes into account the number of calories you consume but also the quality of the nutrients in it.

How to apply a nutritarian diet

A nutritarian diet focuses on natural foods based on vegetables, low in salt, low in fat, and does not contain gluten. The main abstinence from this diet is processed food, which results in decreased nutritional quality.

The main principle applied by the inventor is that the number of nutrients in each calorie that enters your body will determine your weight and its long-term effects on health.

You do not have to limit your calorie intake on a large scale, like most types of diets. You just need to choose the right type of food based on the percentage of calorie intake in a day.

As an illustration, as much as 30-60% of your daily calorie intake should come from vegetables. If your total calorie intake is 1,800 kcal, then 30-60% of the total number is 540-1,080 kcal.

Here are the percentage of provisions in a nutritarian diet:

  • Vegetables as much as 30-60%. Prioritize raw and fresh vegetables
  • Fruits as much as 10-40%. This is equivalent to 3 medium-sized apples, bananas, and oranges.
  • Legumes and legumes are 10-40%, equivalent to 3 tablespoons before cooking.
  • Nuts and seeds are 10-40%, or equal to 1 tablespoon before cooking.
  • Whole grains and tubers no more than 20%, which is equal to 2 medium-sized potatoes.

Food that must be limited in nutritarian diets

Nutritional diets focus on natural foods. So, eating processed foods such as tofu and tempeh should be limited. The amount is recommended so that no more than 10 percent of total daily calorie intake.

When applying this diet, you should also avoid sugary foods, light snacks, and foods that have gone through a lot of processing. The most challenged processed products in this diet are oil, sugar, soda, juice, and fruit drinks, and factory processed meats.

If you like to eat junk food and fast food, you absolutely must avoid these unhealthy foods. Besides being unnatural, these foods also contain a lot of salt. Its nutritional content is no longer as dense and as good as the nutrients in natural foods.

People who go on this diet also need to pay attention to the source of carbohydrates consumed. Limit foods with a high glycemic index, such as rice, pasta, and bread. Foods with a high glycemic index can increase blood sugar quickly.

Natural food sources provide many health benefits. Based on this, the principle of a natural food-based diet on a nutritarian diet makes it one of the best diets to keep the body healthy.

Starting a nutritarian diet is not easy, but you can implement it. Start by increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits little by little and you will begin to get used to this diet.

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