Which is Healthier, Pears or Apples?

If you are on a program to lose weight, maybe the fruit can be the main snack. Well, apples and pears are said to be your helper because they contain lots of fiber that can be filling and vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. However, between apples or pears, which one is healthier?

Which is better to consume, apple or pear?

Apples and pears are a type of fruit that comes from the same family, namely Rosaceae. Therefore, the benefits and content of the vitamin at a glance look the same. However, if further elaborated, it turns out that both of them have differences even though they are very thin.

1. The difference in mineral content

First of all, let’s look first, which mineral content is more between pears and apples?

Both of these fruits contain potassium, phosphorus, and sodium. However, in pears, there is more iron, calcium, magnesium, especially copper and zinc. Therefore, if you are looking for mineral intake, you can eat more pears.

2. Apples contain more vitamins

Well, if the mineral content is won by a pear, then apples can be relied upon if you want to fulfill your vitamin needs. In apples, there are more types of vitamins than pears, namely vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B1. The three vitamins are more abundant in apples than pears.

On the other hand, the content of vitamin B3 and vitamin K in higher pears. Actually, from the side of the vitamin, pears, and apples both contain nutrients that are high enough so that it is very good for consumption.

3. Apples have more fiber

For people with diabetes or are avoiding sugar intake, actually, it’s okay to eat apples or pears. Both have fairly low sugar levels. Even though it tastes sweet, you don’t need to worry because the glycemic index of apples and pears is quite low. GIs in apples and pears are only 38-39, so they are in the safe category.

However, the fiber in pears is more than apples, which is 14%. Meanwhile, apples only contain as much as 10% fiber. The high fiber content can also reduce cholesterol and prevent constipation.

4. Apples are good for brain health

As reported by the Medical Daily, eating apples was able to improve the health of your brain, you know. Now, this antioxidant called quercetin in apples makes it happen.

Quercetin is a polyphenolic compound in food that has a very good impact on health. Starting from preventing inflammation, reducing carcinogens, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

One other function of antioxidants that can be found in this citrus fruit is good for the health of your brain. This compound helps reduce dead cells caused by oxidation and inflammation in neurons.

Research from Cornell University also agreed to this. The researchers stated that eating apples turned out to help protect neuron cells against oxidative stress. Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia, increase the consumption of apples.

5. Must be more careful when eating apples

If you are told to choose better to eat apples or pears when you see the side effects, maybe you will choose pears. This is because apple seeds contain cyanide if chewed. Therefore, eating large amounts of apple seeds can certainly harm your body.

Even though apples are safe to eat, in certain types of apples you have to be careful. For example, in green apples, there are more acids, which can cause symptoms of stomach acid.

Therefore, maybe you can limit your consumption of green apples so that the acidity in your stomach does not increase excessively.

So which one is better?

It can be concluded if both are equally healthy and good for consumption. So, in order to get maximum nutrition, you can take both of them alternately. For example, in the morning eat apples with a mixture of milk and oatmeal and then snacking on pears during the day.

Indeed, no type of food is the best and the healthiest, because every type of food, including fruit, contains different nutrients. So the more varied your food menu is every day, the more nutrients you will get.

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